1.1.36529 Update | Armor Repair Bug Fixes | Maddocks Chase Fix

Greetings pilots! 

Today’s hotfix (1.1.36529 on PC, 1.1.36565 on console) brings an end to a rare game-breaking bug, and a few more common irritating issues. EVERSPACE 2 players on PC, PlayStation, and Microsoft Store/PC Game Pass will see the hotfix coming to their platforms today and we’ll be following up shortly on Xbox as we have a small adjustment to make before getting the build back into certification.

The most important change fixes an unusual case where a player can find themselves in a situation during the Maddocks chase in the “The Magic of Umami” mission where Maddocks does not spawn correctly and an autosave occurs. 

Other fixes address issues where armor repaired in the Hangar reset back to its damaged state on departure, repairing not working when certain hitpoint-increasing effects are enabled, and the Gunship losing armor when leaving homebase.

For a full list of changes, read on!


  • Fixed that there was a 2-second timeframe in which the game could be saved after failing to follow Maddocks in Prescott which could result in a broken saved state preventing mission progression
  • Fixed Gunship losing armor when docked at homebase under certain conditions
  • Fixed that repairing did not work with certain hitpoint-increasing attributes
  • Fixed that it was possible to heal by swapping between modules when one of these had hitpoint-increasing attributes
  • MacOS: Fixed joystick input not working

Work continues on our next big free update and expansion. There are plenty of cool things being created behind the scenes. [REDACTED] is visually amazing and [SECRET FOR NOW] changes up [CAN’T SAY]. Perhaps we’ll even give a sneak peek at something before the end of the year. In the meantime, we’ll see you in the stars.

Lee & your dedicated ROCKFISH Games team 🚀🫡