1.1.36252 Update | Redemption Item Set | Artbook Revision | Tweaks & Bugfixes

Following up on the Armed & Dangerous update with new tweaks & bugfixes

Greetings Pilots! 

We have a small patch that follows up on the Armed & Dangerous update going out today! Most notably, update 1.1.36252 significantly overhauls booster sound logic, giving set item and legendary boosters unique start and thruster audio. 

The update also adds Redemption, an item set that didn’t quite make it into our last release. We’ve taken this update as an opportunity to fix a selection of bugs as well—a full changelog can be found at the bottom of this post.

A few small community-suggested tweaks have been made to localizations here and there to improve the text translations of EVERSPACE 2 in a few languages. Thank you to everyone who has submitted feedback through Crowdin! 

This update is available on Steam, GOG, PlayStation, Xbox, and Microsoft Store.

Redemption Item Set

Pilots will now be able to find the Redemption item set. This mysterious collection of gear unlocks some unusual effects. We hope you enjoy figuring out what they do. 


Found in Khait Nebula
2/4 Set Items: Some asteroids are not what they seem.
3/4 Set Items: You sense weakness in the hearts of your enemies.
4/4 Set Items: Are they even real?

Dogmatic Scanner – Sensor
Critical hits web targets for 3s

Zealous Core – Energy Core
50% reduced weapon energy consumption while cloaked

Eradicator – Gauss Cannon
Deals 30% increased energy damage to webbed targets

Soul Seeker – Thermo Gun
Deals 30% increased kinetic damage to webbed targets

Digital Artbook Update

While preparing the Art of EVERSPACE 2 for print, we found a few small fixes to make in the digital version. A new version has been uploaded for digital artbook owners on Steam and GOG. 

Changelog – 1.1.36252

  • Updated thruster boost sounds and added individual sounds for each thruster
  • Catalyst: EMP Charges is now also installable on blasters
  • Integrated community suggestions for translation improvements from Crowdin
  • Made Redemption set item available to players
  • Fixed that saved data of obsolete temporary locations was not removed correctly, leading to increasingly large save files
  • Fixed that tailwind buff produces a sound on initialization
  • Fixed that resources could be sold at stations that don’t have a shop
  • Fixed that very rarely items could have the exact same bonus attributes after re-rolling as before
  • Fixed potential stutter when giving inputs via Bluetooth controllers
  • Fixed Gunship passive “When hull is 50% or lower, gain 40% hull damage reduction” didn’t provide the correct damage reduction
  • Fixed that Vanguard passive “At 200m range, primary weapons gain 20% shield and armor piercing.” also worked with secondaries
  • Fixed that Vanguard passive “While shields are overcharged, gain 25% increased critical hit damage.” increased critical hit damage too much
  • Fixed that Commander 4-set bonus could not convert drones if they were originally neutral and now turned enemy (if faction relation is neutral)
  • Fixed that rare energy orb perk buff did not increase max speed
  • Fixed that an interceptor passive wasn’t removed correctly
  • Fixed Vindicator passive “50% reduced damage from enemy drones” only working on secondaries
  • Fixed that Vindicator passive “Locked enemy targets suffer 20% increased damage from drones. [Exclusive]” increased damage accidentally by 120% instead of 20%
  • Fixed that bomber passive “20% reduced damage from enemy explosives” didn’t work on demolishers and detonator drones
  • Fixed that Combat Drone consumable had an incorrect icon
  • Fixed that re-rolling bonus attributes would re-roll attributes coming from mining catalyst
  • Fixed legendary item stats to the state before the patch
  • Fixed performance issues after heavy inventory management that could ultimately lead to a crash in some situations
  • Fixed spoiled Gasmask fight in story-so-far codex section no. 7 by replacing all images
  • Fixed that unlock banner info in HUD was overlapped by dialogue boxes in some cases
  • Prevent automatic location saves during boss fight
  • Fixed an issue that could lead to a short freeze when opening the crafting tab
  • Fixed that emp charges catalyst effect was also triggered by player drones
  • Fixed that barrage catalyst buff was not reset when swapping to another weapon containing another barrage catalyst
  • Fixed Achievement “Tower Defense” not triggering
  • Fixed that changing devices with gamepad or keyboard would sometimes trigger an error message for no reason
  • (PC Only) Fixed that switching Inertia Dampener Button Mode to “Hold to Enable” while in Supralight disabled Inertia Dampeners in Supralight
  • (XSX|S) Fixed not being able to overwrite existing save file if game language is ko, jp, cn-sn, or cn-tr
  • (GOG) Fixed that macOS GOG version would hang on startup if started from outside the Galaxy client

With this update out, the team is back to work on our next free update and content for the coming expansion. We’ll have more to share about these in the future, but for now we’ll see you in the stars! 

Lee & your dedicated ROCKFISH Games team 🚀💥