Steam Autumn Sale Deals | Outstanding Visual Style Nomination

Greetings pilots!

Move over pumpkin spice lattes and changing leaves, the real sign of Fall appears! The Steam Autumn Sale is here!

On top of all the great deals to be had, it’s time for community nominations for The Steam Awards! This has been such an amazing year for games and that battle for Game of the Year is going to be EPIC! Here in the studio, it’s a real toss up as we’ve all got our favorites. 

We’re putting ourselves forward for the Outstanding Visual Style award and we would very much appreciate it if fans of EVERSPACE 2 nominate us in that category! 

Even among all the amazing games released in 2023, we think EVERSPACE 2 stands out as one of the best looking titles to come out this year. Beyond all the incredible space battles and awesome spaceships, EVERSPACE 2 is filled with incredible locations to explore and sights to see. That first time dropping out of supralight and witnessing Palaemon’s Wound, the lightning storms in Zharkov, Plasma Jellyfish in Khaït Nebula, the murky underwater ruins surrounding Gilbert Naval Base, and so many other places were made to WOW—from what the community tells us, they really do! We feel we’ve painted a universe filled with sci-fi adventure where anything could happen and we hope you do too. 

Now is also a great time to leave us a review. With the absolute feast of games available, every positive review shared helps us stand out and your feedback, even mixed, means a lot for self-published independent titles like ours. If you’ve already left us a review (thank you!) we encourage you to leave a positive review on another indie game. 

If one of our games is on your wishlist, now’s a great time to pick up an awesome space adventure! If rogue-likes are your jam, both EVERSPACE and its DLC, EVERSPACE: Encounters are on sale at 80% off. For those more action RPG or looter shooter inclined, EVERSPACE 2 is 30% off. There are discounts on the EVERSPACE 2 artbook and soundtrack as well!

That’s all from us for now, enjoy the sale! 

Lee & your dedicated ROCKFISH Games team 🚀🫡