Update 1.2.39726 – Post-Incursions Hotfix

Greetings, pilots! 

Our Incursions update was our biggest yet, but big changes, including a significant engine change, introduced more bugs than expected. Since the release of our last update, our community team has been keeping an eye on reported issues, compiling lists of bugs for the team to look into. Today’s update brings solutions for many of the bugs introduced through the Incursions update and our migration to Unreal Engine 5. 

We appreciate the ongoing support from our community of pilots across PC and consoles. Many of the fixes in this hotfix were only made possible because you helped us track down these issues.

Read on for a full list of changes:

1.2.39726 (Incursions Hotfix) Changelog:


  • Fixed that part of the location waypoint marker was missing in-game
  • Fixed that jobs accepted via the map screen did not immediately show up in missions screen
  • Fixed that items were permanently missing an attribute if this attribute was deleted
  • Fixed that ARC-9000 explosion did no damage to incursion beacons
  • Fixed that “Chaos” catalyst worked only once on migrated legendary items
  • Fixed that emergency shield from “Close Call” perk would count as “used” when triggered in a Rift
  • Fixed that “Fields of Mayhem” could spawn an infinite number of sticky turrets when “Shield of Faith” Rift modifier was active
  • Fixed that player’s Vindicator drones were not attacked during Incursions
  • Fixed that Power Nexus blessing did not work for Bomber’s secondary weapons
  • Fixed that crafting of missing components for a catalyst could lead to a crash in some cases
  • Fixed that the crafting indication icon for catalysts and consumables could be wrong in some cases
  • Fixed that secondary weapon launchers were shown on hidden medium ships during fast-travel jump-in
  • Fixed that it was possible to use incompatible wings modules on ships via “randomize modules” “undo” button
  • UI: Fixed that required crafting resource text labels could overlap in some languages
  • [PS5/Xbox Series X|S] UI: Fixed that changing axis properties in the input customization menu would not save under certain circumstances
  • [PS5] Fixed controller vibration output
  • [Microsoft Store] Fixed cinematics only showing a black screen
  • [Microsoft Store] Fixed that some features related to playstation controller support were not accessible
  • [Steam/GOG] Stop Apocalypse countdown in rifts when boss has been destroyed
  • [Steam/GOG] Fixed not being able to let go of portable objects in some cases
  • [Steamdeck] Always use DirectX 11 (regardless of initial DirectX selection) to prevent VRAM related crashes
  • Supporter Pack DLC: Fixed that “reset” for liveries button had wrong “enabled” condition for “Clip Angle”


  • Show upcoming boss mutator description on portal HUD marker to last stage
  • “Guardians” rift boss modifier: Decreased Ancient Warden health, increased respawn delay
  • “Quantum Mend” rift boss modifier: Decreased maximum teleport range for boss
  • Minimized the possibility that an Incursion occurs at a location with an active job present
  • Reduced Ancient Warden attack distance
  • [Mac] Use TAA for upscaling instead of TSR for performance reasons

Known issues:

  • Problems when interacting with acid pouches
  • Energized Boost can cause the player ship to clip through objects
  • “Smoke & Mirrors” mission is currently harder than intended to finish on lower difficulties
  • Currently investigating Incursion related crashes on Xbox Series S
  • Currently investigating reports regarding performance
  • The “3-Shield-Generator” secret on Vesna are indestructible

With this hotfix in place, we plan to focus our attention on expansion content. We will be keeping an eye on ongoing bug reports to ensure we haven’t missed anything critical in this hotfix and will be logging issues as they come in. We’re aware there are a few more issues that need to be corrected on console, and pilots there may see another minor platform-specific update in the future. 

See you in the stars,

Lee and the ROCKFISH Games team