Monthly Meetings and a Look Inside the ROCKFISH Games Studio

Every month, the core Hamburg team and developers located a short drive or train ride away gather at the studio to discuss work that’s been done and plans for the immediate future. We take these days to share knowledge, review changes in plans for the future, and playtest the latest builds. By keeping projects transparent, we’re able to keep people informed and give chances for feedback at key stages of feature development. 

With the Incursions update out and Unreal Engine 5 migration done, the team is turning their full focus on what’s to come for EVERSPACE 2. Last week, the Hamburg team gathered to check out work-in-progress content for our upcoming unannounced expansion and the future. What did we talk about this month? We wish we could say! For now, all we can reveal is that there’s plenty in the works for space fans around the globe—we’ll share more when the time is right.

Michael’s preferred background for office video calls. Here, he’s in an interview with GameStar deep diving into the EVERSPACE 2 migration to Unreal Engine 5. 

ROCKFISH Games remains a flexible, remote-friendly studio. Decisions and findings from our monthly meetups are recorded and shared with offsite team members and locals who could not make it. Though we prefer hiring locally, we have a number of team members scattered across the globe in places like Japan, Canada, the United States, and the UK. These international Rockfishers will be joining us in Hamburg for our yearly team gathering for a day of presentations from team leads and studio leaders on the year to come. 

The best part of our monthly gatherings is the meal that comes after. Michael, Christian, and the team leads break out the studio barbecue to feed the team. These dinners are filled with conversations about what was seen on the day, ideas for the future, and games currently enjoyed. 

As a team, we’re excited for the future! We’ve got a full summer ahead working on expansion content for EVERSPACE 2. Though we’re not sharing dates on what’s to come, we’re looking forward to seeing fans at Gamescom later this year.