Winter Sale | Artbook Print Edition | Soundtrack Volume 3 & 4 | Incursions Sneak Peek Stream

The Steam Winter Sale is here and we salute all you deal hunters who’ve held out until the end of 2023 to pick up games you’ve had your eye on. With our games in good shape, the ROCKFISH Games team is about to head off for a much-deserved winter break. Before we go, we wanted to share a little news!

This year has had us busy! After more than two years in Early Access, EVERSPACE 2 launched on PC to critical and community acclaim and we followed shortly on consoles. The Armed & Dangerous Update made news and super-fans fell in love with our digital artbook and soundtrack. Development on EVERSPACE 2 isn’t done yet—We’ve got big plans for 2024!

Without support from fans, our journey through the stars would not have been the same. We truly value the feedback and praise the EVERSPACE community has shared over the course of development and we hope our frequent updates adding content, tweaking gameplay, and making community-requested changes are appreciated. This holiday season, we ask that you leave a review on our games or those of another indie studio—every single positive note means the world to independent studios like ours. 

EVERSPACE Series Discounts

Everything EVERSPACE is on sale! Both of our games and all of our expansion and DLC content is discounted for the Steam Winter Sale. If you already own an EVERSPACE base game, make sure to check out the bundle deals to maximize your discount. 

Winter Sale Deals:



It’s been a YEAR. Go on and treat yourself. You deserve it. 

The Art of EVERSPACE 2 Print Edition

As recently shared on our social media and Kickstarter, print copies of The Art of EVERSPACE 2 will soon be available on Amazon! This 280+ page hardbound artbook collects a significant amount of the concept art, character sketches, environment illustrations, ship designs, and more from EVERSPACE 2. Owners of The Art of EVERSPACE 2 digital artbook know just how much art is packed into this volume. If you’re a collector of fine artbooks and sci-fi adventure concept art, this book is for you. 

During our Kickstarter, we promised a 52 page artbook to backers at certain levels. As we began production on this physical copy, it became impossible to curate so much amazing art into so few pages, so we decided to go all out and create an absolute beast of a book. 

We’ve had amazing feedback from the EVERSPACE 2 community on the digital edition of The Art of EVERSPACE 2, so much so that we’ve gone ahead and printed additional copies so fans with FOMO can get their hands on this book. We expect that books will be available to purchase early in the new year.

Oh, and owners of the digital artbook, we fixed a few pages based on community feedback back in October, so make sure you’ve downloaded the latest edition. 

EVERSPACE 2 Official Soundtrack Volume 3 & 4

Great news for fans of our in-game music, you’re about to get a whole lot more of it!

We’re adding twenty-seven remixed and rearranged tracks across two added volumes to the EVERSPACE 2 Official Soundtrack for free! Even with all this added content, the price of this dlc remains the same, so existing owners can download these new tracks and new ones can get the full set—No pilot is left behind.

For a full track list, check out the EVERSPACE 2 Official Soundtrack store page on Steam! 

End of Year Incursions Teaser Stream

Want a sneak peek at what’s coming in 2024? Make sure to tune into our last stream of the year! In addition to a look back at our launch year, Erik and Garry, our Community Ambassador and Community Manager, will be showing off a few legendary items coming in the Incursions update. They may just give a quick look at a new feature we’re working on.

We’ll be live on Twitch, YouTube, Steam Broadcast, and Facebook this Friday, December 22nd 2023 at 11am PT / 2pm ET / 7pm CET. If you miss the stream, we’ll have it up on YouTube shortly after.
That’s all for us this year, but there’s lots to come next year—the roadmap is just the tip of the iceberg! We hope you all have a wonderful holiday season filled with gaming. See you in 2024!

Lee and your dedicated ROCKFISH Games team