The Art of EVERSPACE 2 Arrives at ROCKFISH Games

EVERSPACE 2 artbooks at ROCKFISH Games

The Art of EVERSPACE 2 arrives at ROCKFISH Games! Multiple pallets totalling more than 2.4 metric tons arrived at the studio in Hamburg the other day. That’s a lot of books! 

Our plan leading into the EVERSPACE 2 Kickstarter was to produce a small, high-quality, 52 page book with the best concept pieces produced by our artists as a reward for backers at certain levels. After six years of development, we were left with an impossible task choosing from all the amazing pieces. We took this as a chance to create something absolutely spectacular—not only as a collectible for the community, but also an artifact celebrating a major milestone for the studio.

The Art of EVERSPACE 2 is a massive 280+ page hardcover artbook containing hundreds of pieces of concept art for the environments, locations, characters, ships, enemies, and all kinds of other in-game elements, as well as storyboard snippets from our in-game cinematics. 

A limited number of additional copies will be available through our Amazon store. If you’ve got a space fan on your holiday list or are looking for a little gift for yourself, soon you’ll be able to get your hands on this amazing book.