Introducing the EVERSPACE 2 Supporter Pack

Support the team and get new ship cosmetics

From our crowdfunded beginnings, EVERSPACE fans have taken us to the stars and beyond. With our second major EVERSPACE 2 free update, Incursions, now released we’re turning our attentions fully (barring any hotfixes), towards expansion content. 

We’ve released the EVERSPACE 2 Supporter Pack on Steam as a way for super fans to continue supporting ROCKFISH Games as we work on the future of the series. The pack is filled with fun, cosmetic options including new lighting, thruster and exhaust effects, decals, and livery that will make your ships uniquely yours. 

This pack includes: 

  • 12 new thruster and booster effects
  • Cybernetic glow emissive with adjustable intensity
  • 34 unique resizable livery options
  • 13 new decals
  • Our everlasting gratitude

Currently the Supporter Pack is available on Steam only, but we will have the pack available on other platforms in the future. 

We appreciate your continued support! 

Lee and your ROCKFISH Games team