Incursions Legendary Look

A peek at a few legendary items coming in the free Spring Incursions update

Greetings Pilots!

If you missed it, ROCKFISH Games celebrated the studio’s 10th anniversary not too long ago. Our CEO and Creative Director sat down to chat about the journey so far and how the EVERSPACE series came to be. 

It’s been a quiet few weeks communications-wise as the team’s been busy working on the content of our big Spring update and the ongoing migration to Unreal Engine 5. 

We know you all want this update NOW, but great things take time. To help hold you over, today we’re pulling back the gamedev curtain a little bit on a few of the new legendaries that EVERSPACE 2 pilots will be able to find in endgame rifts, by playing on nightmare difficulty, through new legendary signal decoders, and as part of a new combat challenge feature. 

Read on for a sneak peek at five of the new legendaries coming in Incursions

Pictured at the top of the blog post, the Ritual homing missile launcher unleashes a flurry of explosives hellbent on destroying everything targeted. With damage increased for each targeted enemy, it’s great for tackling a whole squadron of smaller foes head-on. This legendary is a Itano Circus callback to the Seeker Missile Battery item from EVERSPACE. Any Macross/Robotech fans in the house?

Some new legendary gear focuses on modifying the effects of consumable items and devices. Epicenter is great for players who love the Teleporter as it detonates a shockwave blast, dealing kinetic and energy damage to nearby enemies. A quick getaway can leave wreckage in your wake. 

How many turrets are too many? “Twenty-three” says the dev team.

Ever wish you could put enemy ships in their own personal bullet hell? Now you can! When Fields of Mayhem is equipped, your ship can create up to twenty-two Sticky Turrets with increased range. Just make sure you have a Sticky Turret in your consumables bar—the effect won’t trigger without it. 

Pestilence makes the Annihilator Virus warfare device even more deadly. In addition to adding another round of damage, it adds a second infection period, allowing the infected ship to spread the virus even further. 

This legendary thermo gun takes the target-seeking nature of the weapon and cranks it up to eleven by allowing shots to hit multiple targets. Packs of enemies stand no chance against a ship armed with the Hunter’s Fang.

Clever EVERSPACE 2 pilots may have already picked up that each of the legendaries highlighted in this post provides a different way to handle hordes of enemies—something that might be important in Incursions. 😉

Each of these make for a deadly addition to any arsenal, and there are plenty more to come. Also, Incursions will allow all players to have an additional piece of legendary gear equipped for all ships, and there will be ways to push past that limit. We know this is a much-asked-for tweak, and with the variety of new types of legendaries coming in this update, our designers feel it’s a good change. Stay tuned for more information about the contents of our upcoming update in the weeks ahead. 

Lee and your dedicated ROCKFISH Games team