Greetings pilots!

We’re excited to share that our first free major update for EVERSPACE 2 is coming October 2nd, 2023! The Armed & Dangerous update will be ready to download across PC and consoles on the same day, bringing new set items, catalysts, perks, quality of life improvements, Tier 4 ship wings, and more to the game.

Over the last few months we’ve shared sneak peeks at content the team has been working on during the weekly EVERSPACE 2 stream on YouTube and Twitch. Now, our Community Ambassador Erik has been given clearance to show it all off! Tune in Friday September 22nd to see all kinds of new, never seen before set items and item attributes, as well as a closer look at new perks for Khala and Tareen that introduce two much asked-for features to the game! 

Here’s a high-level list content coming in the update:

New gameplay features

  • 10 new set items (34 new item variants)
  • 4 new catalysts
  • 40 new item attributes 
  • Modify item: Reroll item attributes
  • Added Khala Perk to discover missing secrets
  • Added Tareen Perk to sell crafting resources

New and improved ship customization

  • 15 new Tier 4 wings
  • Ship color randomizers 
  • Ship module randomizer

Quality of life Improvements

  • Quicksave / Quickload 
  • Auto-save improvements 
  • (PC-only) Inertia Dampener customization
  • UI additions and improvements (set item icons, item trait icon, etc)
  • 21:9 aspect ratio HUD improvements

We’re also excited to share that digital versions of the EVERSPACE 2 artbook and Official Soundtrack will be available to purchase on Steam and GOG October 2nd as well. Both of these offerings are SIZABLE—the artbook comes in at more than 280 pages of amazing concept goodness and Gero’s been rearranging and remixing in-game tracks to create a 30 track album of quintessential synthwave to groove to while exploring star systems. Dedicated fans will be able to buy the artbook and soundtrack as separate DLC or bundled together for a discount. Stay tuned for more

See you in the stars!

Lee and your dedicated ROCKFISH Games team