LIVE Stream: Spring Update Teaser, Overhauled Crafting & Resources, Fresh Concept Art

Happy New Year, pilots!

We bet all of you had a wonderful winter holiday with lots of sweet treats. Or, more likely, floated in a cozy space pilot seat, blasting away at Outlaws. Either way, we hope you had plenty of off-duty time to recharge your batteries for what lies ahead in 2022.

The entire ROCKFISH Games team has been back at work since January 3rd, and Erik, our beloved Community Ambassador and Ace pilot, has already revealed a few, new improvements and upcoming features, like overhauled crafting & mining, and basic trading in our first gamedev & community stream of 2022:

By popular demand, we added timestamps in the video description for pilots with less time on their hands to directly jump to a specific topic. We hope you find these live streams informative and entertaining, so we highly encourage everyone to tune in regularly and join the discussion in chat. We often have dev team members lurking to help Erik out with more specific questions regarding game design and development where necessary. As always, I’m also in chat, making sure no potentially misleading or false information slips under our radar.

Speaking of people in chat, we’re excited to share that long-term superfan and community heavy-weight from Australia, Hazzy, has officially joined our community moderation team. You might have come across his user tag with the iconic, froggy avatar here on the Steam forums, on YouTube, our Discord, or on our subreddit. Basically, Hazzy is just everywhere on the internet, even responding to EVERSPACE 2 related comments on other YouTube channels to help pilots with their questions—what a mad space lad!

With Erik living and working in Kansas City, US, William, our Community Manager, headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, and Hazzy residing down under in Melbourne, Australia, we should be even more responsive than ever, so don’t hesitate to fire away with your questions!

Fresh Concept Art

Ok, back to this event’s main topic. Erik will show some brand-new concept art of new Okkar ships and also talk about the story cliffhanger in the Khaït Nebula update.

When the going gets tough, the tough get going. Turns out Tareen is actually a real bad-ass — who would have thought?

Erik might even have some Rogue player ship concept art to demo if the team is happy with the result by then. So, be there, or be square, on Twitch and YouTube, from 8:00 pm to 10:00 pm CET / 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm ET / 11:00 am to 1:00 pm PT. 🚀💥🙌

Keep it civil on the forums, and see you in space!

Michael and your dedicated ROCKFISH Games Team

PS feel-good story and fun fact:

Both Erik and Will started as small hobby content creators back in 2016, pledging €60 on the first EVERSPACE Kickstarter which included exclusive Alpha access to step up their game on Twitch. That’s where we “discovered” these space game enthusiasts turned marketing naturals— they’re just genuinely good with people! Of course, we immediately went about making sure they join our small, fine team.

Since then, I’ve been traveling around the world with these two gentlemen to meet fans in North America, Europe, the UK, and more with major gaming shows in Asia on our list, too, before the world went into crazy-mode. Anyway, here are some fond memories from Gamescom, PAX East & West, TwitchCon, Dreamhack, EGX Berlin & London, and many, many more shows. We hope to see you at one when in-person events become a thing again! 

Last but not least, big shout-out to James, aka Matsumuri, and Roy, aka 31 Fox, who helped out at several real-life events in the US. I’ll ping you guys when we’re back on the road. 🚀🤘