Steam and GOG Early Access, Ship Augments, Scout Reveal, Ship Customization

Happy New Year, Pilots!

We hope everyone had a peaceful season holiday and could relax a little to recharge their batteries and get excited for the launch of EVERSPACE 2 in Early Access on Steam as well as in the Games in Development program on GOG, on Monday, January 18. Yes, you heard right: anyone preferring to play EVERSPACE 2 on GOG will be able to do so without having to wait until the full release. A big thanks go to the awesome folks at GOG for paving the way for us. Before you ask, GOG Galaxy features will be supported when we hit v1.0 in 2022 as we have a lot on our plate with completing the game over the next 12 to 18 months as well as making sure we deliver on our promises. 

Now, to make the roll-out as smooth as possible, we decided to keep all Steam pre-release keys active. Meaning, you just have to update the closed Beta or redeem your key if you haven’t yet in order to obtain the public version of EVERSPACE 2 – BOOM! 

If you want to delve into the universe of EVERSPACE 2 on GOG, just send us a direct message here on Kickstarter or an email to anytime BEFORE we hit full release – please DO NOT just drop a comment below or on our social media channels as it makes it only more complicated for us to properly serve your request. 

Also, please note that your Steam key will be revoked when swapping to GOG, and any Steam saves will be lost. As said before, it is highly unlikely that anyone will be able to keep their saves at full release, anyway.

Ship Augments

Pilots who are regularly watching our weekly production updates on Twitch and YouTube got a sneak peek at this brand new feature that made it just in time for the imminent Early Access launch. In our latest production update, Erik revealed “Ship Augments”, a new gameplay mechanic providing even more possibilities to tweak the capabilities of your starfighter for your preferred playstyle. If you missed the stream here is how it works:

Scout Reveal

If you watched the stream closely, you might have discovered another reveal. A nifty Scout model was on display at the ship dealer on Nephtys Planes as if it was no big deal! The Scout introduces the Light Fighter sub-class in EVERSPACE 2. Veteran EVERSPACE pilots may already be familiar with the class’s characteristics of extreme maneuverability and high base stats for top speed and boost. 
In EVERSPACE 2, the Scout will also impress with its Ultimate Shadow Strike, rendering your ship invisible to enemies and gradually increasing primary weapon damage up to 300%.

Engage in combat like a ninja and take out a bunch of foes before they even know what happened.

Ship Customization

Last but not least, Erik also provided a sneak peek of the all-new ship customization features in EVERSPACE 2, ending up with a pretty bling version of a golden Sentinel:

Of course, there’s even more! Here’s the official changelog from the Closed Beta to the Early Access release version:

New Features

  • Added new star system (Union) with many new locations
  • Added new main missions, side missions, location challenges
  • Added full voice acting (English only)
  • Added two new player ship classes (Scout, Gunship)
  • Added seven new enemy ships (Okkar Fighter, Okkar Interceptor, Okkar Corvette, Okkar Drone, Okkar Shield Charge Drone, Okkar Jump Suppressor Drone, Outlaw Proto Scout)
  • Added crafting and equipment modifying
  • Added ship customization
  • Added a “wanted system” which is active in the Union star system
  • Added new weapon type “Gauss Cannon”
  • Added Augmentation Modules, allowing players to tweak ship stats
  • Added special “high risk” locations
  • Added new options (toggle inertia dampeners, fps cap, use operating system mouse position)


  • Improved overall game performance
  • Redesigned main & pause menu
  • Added more situational dialogues
  • Changed how device modes are unlocked and activated
  • Tweaked amount of commodities & tec resources
  • Improved HOTAS support and added new presets
  • Rebalanced game difficulty and progression
  • Added more variation to job & unknown signal locations
  • and many further smaller tweaks and bugfixes

Alrighty, we hope that you guys are as excited for the Early Access release as we are, so join today’s live streams on Twitch and YouTube, from 8:00 pm to 10:00 pm CEST / 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm EDT / 11:00 am to 1:00 pm PDT, when Erik, our one-and-only Community Ambassador and host of the weekly RFG show, will activate the jump gate to Union… 🚀👀💥🙌

Michael and
your dedicated ROCKFISH Games Team