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The Story Of EVERSPACE 2

Dear Pilots,

Yesterday, you guys smashed through the €200k wall, woohoo! Thanks, everybody and keep it up!

The Story Of EVERSPACE 2

In our first vlog of EVERSPACE 2, we want to share more information about how we plan to continue the story of the predecessor and how we will ramp up the quality of the cinematics in the new game.

Our hero is seizing the moment trying to escape while the station is under attack.

As players of the original EVERSPACE know, you take on the role of a clone space pilot without knowing who or even what you are at the beginning of the game. We chose this concept as it perfectly fit the roguelike formula in a sci-fi space shooter. If you haven’t already, we very much encourage you to play through the story to the very end as there are some unexpected twists (there is really no shame to play on “easy difficulty” just for that or in general).

However, as EVERSPACE 2 will be an open-world RPG with persistent player progression, the storytelling will be much different this time. In fact, if you played the Encounters expansion and did the side mission with Mester Throng, you might have noticed a hint about a new chapter dawning for our hero at the end of his journey in the original EVERSPACE.

Throng asked if he would prefer an unlimited amount of short life spans without any memories from previous lives or rather have just one life of 120 years without the chance of being reborn. Obviously, Throng as a  scientist has a clear preference, always looking for new “lab rats” for his studies on the behavior of unknown species. But, we don’t want to spoil our hero’s answer for anyone who hasn’t played the Encounters expansion so far.

So, without further ado, let’s delve into our  first vlog and give you a first glimpse of where the hero’s journey is going to begin in EVERSPACE 2:

Latest Streams

In case you have missed them, here are two more great streams since our previous update.

We will share more awesome stuff in our upcoming vlog next week. In the meantime, feel free to throw more questions at us on and don’t miss our stream with Erik on the Rockfish Games channel on Twitch tonight from 8pm to 10pm CEST / 2pm to 4pm EDT.

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