Kickstarter Update 2

More Than 40% Funding After One Week, Refined NPCs & More Streaming

Dear Pilots,

You guys are amazing: We reached more than 40% of our funding goal after just one week! Thanks again for your great support and to top tier backers pledging on another Outlaw Boss and the first Mission Control. The campaign performs 50% better than the previous one which closed at €420k. So, we’re confident that we will reach our funding goal of €450k. With further upcoming marketing pushes, previews from big gaming sites and more popular streamers giving the demo a spin (more about that further below), it looks like we will be talking about potential stretch goals, soon.

Now, we still get a lot of questions here on Kickstarter and on all sorts of social media channels about our campaign, and we’re more than happy to provide more context: The commercial success of the original EVERSPACE enabled us to start working on a full-fledged open-world space shooter RPG. We created a very polished prototype to show our community, the media and influencers what the core elements and the audiovisual quality of our new game will be. One of the main reasons for doing another Kickstarter is to also double-down on our financials and stay in control of the creative and business direction. Rest assured, we heard you, our die-hard fans, loud & clear: EVERSPACE 2 will come to Steam Early Access, first!

[In case there are still any doubts, check out the video of YouTuber YongYea who perfectly explains everything we have communicated so far.]

Refined NPCs

By watching our 20 min Let’s Play of the EVERSPACE 2 demo, you probably noticed that the player ships are much more detailed compared to the predecessor. We will also have way more vessels in EVERSPACE 2. Look forward to a closer look at this and our new production pipeline in an upcoming Kickstarter update.

Today, we would like to draw your attention to the NPC ships which will also have a much higher level of detail. Our friends at Volta, a top-notch outsourcing house for AAA concept art and other services, did a great job at adding more details to the Outlaw, Okkar and G&B fleet in  EVERSPACE 2 (we will feature all our external development partners in-depth in another info update here on Kickstarter).

Refined Concept Art of the Outlaw Bomber

We take their refined designs and the original EVERSPACE’s meshes as reference to model the new NCPs ships from scratch. By utilizing material blending and seamless textures, rather than traditional mapping methods, and heavily increasing triangle counts, we’re able to create extremely detailed ship assets. So even in very close combat, everything looks super crisp (you might want to drop that sniper rail gun for a moment to look your enemies into the eyes and gaze at their fancy ships before blowing them to star dust).


It was great fun to see fans swinging by our first two EVERSPACE 2 streams, and we hope to see even more pilots in chat hammering us with questions in the future. As a reminder, Erik Schrader, our friendly community ambassador, will stream on the Rockfish Games channel on Twitch every Wednesday and Friday from 8pm to 10pm CEST / 2pm to 4pm EDT.

We also had Cohh Carnage and Captain Richard and SpaceGameJunkie having fun with the demo already, and further streamers promised to give it a go, too. YouTuber Obsidian Ant, who specializes in covering  space games, just published a first look and promised to stream the demo later this week.

Tonight, BadNewsBaron will give it a go starting at 6pm CET / 12pm EDT / 9am PST, and tomorrow we will have DM21gaming playing it on Mixer. We don’t know about the exact time yet, but he’s based on the US west coast, so it might be pretty late for our European and African fans.


Our team is currently working on our first vlog that will give you a glimpse at the expanded world and story of EVERSPACE 2. We plan to publish it this Friday afternoon CET, so keep your eyes peeled for that.

Early frame grab from one of many story cinematics in EVERSPACE 2.

Alright, keep being awesome and spread the word, while we’ll keep cracking on the game and future updates here on Kickstarter.

Over and out,

Michael and your
dedicated ROCKFISH Games Team