Prototype, Forum Revamp, New G&B Spaceships & UI Tweaks Sneak Peek

Dear Pilots,

Now that the dust of our wild Kickstarter ride has settled and most of the team has had a short but much-needed break from the immense workload of the past few months, we are finally set to bring you the production update that all early adopters were probably desperately waiting for. This time, we omit the video and skip directly to the essential news, so you can start playing and getting involved.

Prototype Roll-out

Since our last update in November, we have mostly focused on getting the Prototype ready for deployment in December, as promised, and we’re excited to let you know that Steam keys have just been sent out to all eligible backers. Now, we know from our previous Kickstarter that some of our emails tend to end up in the wrong place, so please make sure to check your spam folders, too.

Even though we are still early in development, we’ve been working hard to make the Prototype run on a broad range of PCs, and you can tweak the graphics settings in the all-new graphics options menu to your liking. Of course, it would be tremendously helpful for further optimization of the full game if you shared your PC hardware specs, graphics settings, and experience in our revamped forum here.

Revamped Forum

Speaking of which, the EVERSPACE Forum has been revamped and is now open again for discussion and wild chatter. While all categories, threads, and comments have been carried over from the original EVERSPACE, a lot has changed in structure and design for better usability in the new EVERSPACE 2 Forum.

Also, existing forum users keep their badges, ranks, and comments. However, when logging in to the new forum for the very first time you will have to reset your password once. Newly registered users have access to all categories right away. Your Kickstarter ranks for EVERSPACE 2 can be requested from ROCKFISH Games moderators via direct message. Please note: These new ranks will overwrite those from the previous game.

In parallel, all registered backers should also automatically get their respective roles on Discord by end of the week. Backers who join our Discord server after that will have to contact any ROCKFISH Games community member on Discord individually to receive their role.

New G&B Concept Art

In EVERSPACE 2, the powerful mining corporation Grady & Brunt will play an even bigger role than in the predecessor, and you can look forward to encounter a lot of new content like big capital ships and special purpose vessels as you can see in the concept art and blockouts below.

Grady & Brunt utilize sturdy vessels with special mining equipment for heavy-duty work in the Beltagrades.
G&B Mining Barges can carry megatons of ore, also known as “Piñatas de mena” amongst Outlaw pilots.
Armed to the teeth, the all-new G&B carrier class was commissioned after too many raids on G&B ore transports hit the company’s bottom line, hard.

UI Tweaks Sneak Peek

Now, while the work on the Prototype is complete (please note: there won’t be any updates as the team is now working on the full game), we also have a little sneak peek of the improved item management UI which will make it easier to compare stats as well as drag & drop and sort items by category.

Lots of UI improvements to sort, compare, and drag & drop items.

In case you missed Friday’s dev stream, you can watch Erik, our Community Ambassador, getting into details about our new damage system, breakable items and briefly showing some of the UI improvements in the video below.

In this year’s final dev stream, Erik will be able to show a bit more of the most recent UI improvements and maybe even some new content, too. So, swing by and say hello on the Rockfish Games channel on Twitch, on YouTube and on mixer this Friday from 8pm to 10pm CEST / 2pm to 4pm EDT.

Finally, with a very exciting year about to end, we would like to thank you for your incredible support once again and wish you a relaxed and peaceful winter holiday.

See you next year,

Michael &
your dedicated ROCKFISH Games Team