We’re Funded & Stretch Goal #1

Dear Pilots,

You guys are absolutely amazing! In a gigantic joint effort over the last few days, we finally reached our funding goal, which is totally awesome because now we can make EVERSPACE 2 the way we always wanted to: together with you, our fans and without having to cut important features or content from our core vision. Thank you all so very much, indeed!

RFG HAPPY TIME! Thank you very much, pilots! 🙂

But there’s so much more to it. Because Kickstarter has changed so much, we know believing in and trusting us is a much bigger gift than ever. Seriously, we’re blown away by your passion for our ambitious project, especially during the days when various crowdfunding prediction tools indicated that we wouldn’t make it, and some media folks began writing us off.

Did we give up? Absolutely not! To the contrary, we hammered out one production vlog and behind-the-scenes update after another, and you guys kept spreading the word like there’s no tomorrow. The moment, when we smashed that funding goal last night, we will keep that feeling forever in our memories, and we hope you will too.

In case you missed it, watch GeekByte’s stream when the hype train was running at full speed, bringing us super-close to the finish line:

Stretch Goal: The Ancients’ Rifts

Now, we still got a few more hours to go, and there actually is a good chance to unlock our first stretch goal – yeah! So, what is it then, you might wonder?

Well, let us introduce you to the Ancients’ Rifts: While exploring a certain sector in the endgame, you might come across sudden cracks in space, strange anomalies that will lead you to dangerous regions full of unrelenting enemies.

An Ancients’ Rift is opening up – full of precious loot, but dangerous as can be…

This is where you have to prove all your strength and cunning to survive zone after zone of ever-increasing difficulty, collecting powerful artifacts and super-rare resources that can be used to upgrade your equipment with Ancients’ technology.

If pilots die, they are thrown out of the crack and wake up as if from a dream at their previous location. Despite their abrupt demise, they can still enjoy the loot they have collected and a hefty bonus, depending on how deep they ventured into the territory. Mysterious…

The Grand Finale

Again, thanks so much, everyone! Last night, the entire team was glued to the screens when that magic Kickstarter counter finally showed €450,000. Words can hardly describe how the entire ROCKFISH Games team feels today, and we hope you will join us for the grand finale on the Rockfish Games channel on Twitch, on our YouTube channel and on mixer from 8pm to 10pm CEST / 2pm to 4pm EDT.

See you on the other side,

Michael &
your dedicated ROCKFISH Games Team