88% Funded, The final 48 hours & Tutorial Mission

Pilots, get ready for the final stint!

Yesterday, we saw a huge spike thanks to 320 new backers including some heavy spenders coming in who pledged a whopping €30k+ in total – the second-best day of our campaign so far. You guys are just awesome!

Well, we are now 88% funded, and with the 48-hour-notification now kicking in, things are actually looking pretty good. Maaaaybe, we might even unveil our first stretch goal tomorrow or on Monday… But, let’s not get carried away before we reached our funding goal.

Tutorial Mission

If you missed Erik’s stream on Wednesday playing the all-new but WIP tutorial mission, check this out:

We also would like to share yesterday’s stream from Corben78, playing the EVERSPACE 2 demo live on our twitch channel for the very first time (which is interesting to watch because he plays quite differently compared to Erik):

Final Words Before The Big Endfight

We had to learn the hard way that Kickstarter changed a lot since our last campaign (the campaign itself performs much better than the previous one, though), and we don’t know how many notifications will go out. So, be ready to throw everything you got and spread the word like there is no tomorrow!

Remember, if it was easy, it wouldn’t be half as much fun. Mark my words: The greatest victories, that will stick forever in your memories, are those that are super tight, and you guys will be part of this crazy ride! 

I’m having the time of my life right now, thanks to our awesome team and this incredible community! ❤️

Ready for the final battle? Let’s do this!

Michael &
your dedicated ROCKFISH Games Team