Open Game World, Planetary Combat & Tutorial Mission

Hello there, Pilots!

The final push of our Kickstarter campaign is here! As of writing, we are at 78% funding which is tight, we know. But, we will be calling our friends and partners over the weekend to help us reach that funding goal, and we hope so will you. Also, feel free to re-post any of the Pre-Alpha gameplay GIFs, that we published on imgur a while ago, on other social media channels like reddit, 9gag, giphy etc.

Gravity did its relentless work after someone shot this drone carrier out of the sky.

We also look forward to the programs of a few big streamers and youtubers who are eager to help us make it happen. Like space game enthusiast Obsidian Ant, who just published this great in-depth let’s play:

However, we expect the 48-hours-left notification on Kickstarter to be our biggest boost, which will kick in tomorrow at 11:59 pm CET / 3:59 pm PST. Hopefully, it will bring a big bunch of additional backers as well as many pledge upgrades, just like we saw in our previous and many other successful campaigns.

Veteran Pilots

We wouldn’t be here today, pushing real hard to successfully finish this Kickstarter for a much bigger sequel to the original EVERSPACE, without almost eleven thousand space pilots who have trusted us on Kickstarter in the first place! 

So, we would like to show our deepest gratitude to recurring backers in our new game, once again: Eligible veteran backers from our previous campaign will be able to unlock an exclusive player ship decal via Steam in the full version of EVERSPACE 2!

Ben Cassell, aka Cohh Carnage, top streamer on twitch and big fan of the original and EVERSPACE 2, is also a recurring backer!

Now, without further ado, lean back and enjoy our final vlog for this Kickstarter campaign:

Tutorial Mission

In case you have missed our most recent stream, check out Erik giving a sneak peek of the tutorial mission of EVERSPACE 2:

As always, Erik will talk in more detail about today’s vlog on the Rockfish Games channel on Twitch, on our YouTube channel and on mixer from 2pm to 4pm EDT / 7pm to 9pm CEST, today (Attention, European pilots: the stream will start one hour earlier than before due to the end of daylight saving time over here).

See you on the other side,

Michael &
your dedicated ROCKFISH Games Team